And below weather data from my office in Santa Rosa, CA

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Weather Underground PWS KCASANTA225
Station KCASANTA225


Santa Rosa,CA
Station Location:
38 27' 41" N
122 37' 44" W
430 ft

As of: 05/23/19 8:26p

Citizen Weather Observer
Program Station EW1582

NE 0.0 mph
10 Minute Average Wind Speed
NE 0.0 mph
64.7 F
Wind Chill
64.7 F
29.878 in. Rising Slowly
52.7 F
Yearly Rain since 10/1
47.93 in
Today's Highs/Lows
High Wind Speed
13.0 mph at 10:40a
High Temperature
Low Temperature
72.8 F at 4:26p
51.6 F at 4:56a
High Barometer
Low Barometer
29.879 in at  8:24p
29.625 in at  5:32a
High Humidity
Low Humidity
93 % at 4:57a
50 % at 6:29p
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Weather Underground PWS KCASANTA225

Sunrise: 5:52a Sunset: 8:22p

Current moon phase: Waning Gibbous

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